zaterdag 26 februari 2011

I got a letter from my host family~

Yeey!! I got a big envelope from Japan 2 days ago  ;D
[the picture above are the letters wich i tried to translate while having breakfast xD]
There were pictures in it, a lot of tourist guides and stuff like that (:
..and two letters, one for my mother and one for me ...all written in Japanese... O;
I could translate some sentences, but it's still hard for me.
To be honest i've been kinda lazy with my Japanese studies... o:
But i've only got 2 weeks left..
It's coming so soon now and i'm getting a little bit nervous, but it's gonna be ok ;D
Because i'm EXITED about it ;DD

My friends arranged a suprise party for me last weekend, it was awesome! Also to see the people who live far away before i go ;D
But before i went to my house i already figured out they were waiting for me, because my sister gave me a too obvious call and Kimberley suddenly had a secret for me [lol normally she doesn't keep secrets for me so that was weird] xD
  ...the culu is ours >:D HOEZARR [lol this is a joke only some of my friends understand xD]

but yeaaa....
i wonder why nobody leaves a message ):

..damn my room is a MESS... for the people who have seen my room in it's normal state.. it's even Worse right now o.ó because kinda have to sort everything out and stuff.

Wow i don't have anything to say o:
If there are any questions, feel free to leave a message (:

There Zie goes again o:

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