zondag 24 oktober 2010

Introduction ;D


..people who are also interested in Japan or maybe in me xD [lol]

I'll be going on a exchange to Japan in March 2010,
Maybe i'm already there when you read this! รถ

Why do i want to go to the other side of the world?

...Yup it started with Anime and Manga x'D
It got me interested in Japanese culture and i wanted to go there for a long time ;D
I know some people don't like the fact that Japan is getting known for Anime and Manga, but i think that if this inspires people to learn a new culture it can only be good (:

I'm 16 now and i live in the Netherlands. I do HAVO 4 now

The Netherlands class system is quite different from other countries, so if you reeaaally want to know you should look it up in Wikipedia [wich is your best friend btw xD]

But yea about Japan:

I've had my interview already, and i can tell you i was really nervous xD
But i knew they almost never reject people in The Netherlands so i would probably be ok.
The woman who interviewed me was nice and gave me tips because she also went to exchange to America when she was about my age.

She told me the letter i had written to Japan about myself, [so that the host families can read to see if they like me xD] should've been more about my personal life but that it was an okay letter.
After she interviewed me she told that when i'm in Japan i should talk more about myself.

In real life i found this hard, because i prefer to talk about  ...life? haha not specially mine though

But i was accepted and i was very happy! ;D

The picture is of me and my friends btw. Because they are fun. ;D

My next blog will probably be about the talk i will have with the other Dutch exchange students!

Here Zie goes, again xD