woensdag 5 januari 2011

Got a host family ;D

I was sitting in peacefully in my English class listening to an boring story xD
Until i suddenly got a text from my mother, that i had an hostfamily!! 8D
I got this adraelin-rush and Kimberley who sat next to me, noticed that i was getting a lot of energy x'D
I'll be living in Osaka! ;D
When i was home i was searching the letter YFU sent me.
There were two adresses, one of the school and one of their home!
Ofcourse i immidiatly looked them up in GoogleMaps i couldn't get really close to the house and the school but ohwell it felt good to see where i'll be staying. (:
It also said that 'my parents' are farmers, so i'm curious about that.
And also that i'll be having 2 sisters older than me and one of them is in America, also a brother who has the same age as me and also in America.
And i'll also be living with 'my' grandparents.

Damn, i'm looking forward to it so much!! ;D

There Zie goes again!