vrijdag 15 april 2011

Not in Japan

As everyone probably knows, there occured a earthquake in Japan only a couple of days before i was supposed to leave the Netherlands.
YFU arranged an other date, 27th April [correct me if i'm wrong though].
But my mother and i decided that i shouldn't go because of the unsureness of the radioactivity.
But because i would be too old for YFU to go next year and i thought that a semester isn't long enough.
So i called AFS and they could make an exception for me and Michelle [with the age] so we're still going but we just have to wait another year.

Too be honest, there were some more problems and some things just can't be said here. So if you want too contact me, absolutely do! Especially if your planning to also go to Japan next year. And believe me i know you! Last year i wouldn't email the bloggers either but it's really okay. [i especially recommend it if you're Dutch]

But i'm still reeeaaaally happy that i'm able to go!! ;D

Zie is staying for another year :(

zaterdag 26 februari 2011

I got a letter from my host family~

Yeey!! I got a big envelope from Japan ..like 2 days ago  ;D
[the picture above are the letters wich i tried to translate while having breakfast xD]
There were pictures in it, a lot of tourist guides and stuff like that (:
..and two letters, one for my mother and one for me ...all written in Japanese... O;
I could translate some sentences, but it's still hard for me.
To be honest i've been kinda lazy with my Japanese studies... o:
But i've only got 2 weeks left..
It's coming so soon now and i'm getting a little bit nervous, but it's gonna be ok ;D
Because i'm EXITED about it ;DD

My friends arranged a suprise party for me last weekend, it was awesome! Also to see the people who live far away before i go ;D
But before i went to my house i already figured out they were waiting for me, because my sister gave me a too obvious call and Kimberley suddenly had a secret for me [lol normally she doesn't keep secrets for me so that was weird] xD
  ...the culu is ours >:D HOEZARR [lol this is a joke only some of my friends understand xD]

but yeaaa....
i wonder why nobody leaves a message ):

..damn my room is a MESS... for the people who have seen my room in it's normal state.. it's even Worse right now o.รณ because kinda have to sort everything out and stuff.

Wow i don't have anything to say o:
If there are any questions, feel free to leave a message (:

There Zie goes again o:

woensdag 5 januari 2011

Got a host family ;D

I was sitting in peacefully in my English class listening to an boring story xD
Until i suddenly got a text from my mother, that i had an hostfamily!! 8D
I got this adraelin-rush and Kimberley who sat next to me, noticed that i was getting a lot of energy x'D
I'll be living in Osaka! ;D
When i was home i was searching the letter YFU sent me.
There were two adresses, one of the school and one of their home!
Ofcourse i immidiatly looked them up in GoogleMaps i couldn't get really close to the house and the school but ohwell it felt good to see where i'll be staying. (:
It also said that 'my parents' are farmers, so i'm curious about that.
And also that i'll be having 2 sisters older than me and one of them is in America, also a brother who has the same age as me and also in America.
And i'll also be living with 'my' grandparents.

Damn, i'm looking forward to it so much!! ;D

There Zie goes again!