dinsdag 21 december 2010


So i had an orientation day of YFU yesterday, or however you would call it xD
I went by train because my mother was scared to drive because the snowfall, but the trains didn't like the snow either so i was a bit late '>.>
But there were 3 girls, 2 who will be going to America and one to South Africa.
There also was one guy who will go to Japan, Yay!
There should've been an other girl who will go to Japan, but unfortunately she canceled because of the snow.. too bad i would have loved to meet her^^

I was really nervous for this meeting, but there was no reason to be.
But now i know a little more about what's happening.
Like my departure date, wich i really wanted to know [ duh xD]
Butyea it comes really close right now~ \(>_<)/ March 14 i'll be going! 8D The boy that will also go to Japan, Daniel had gotten an email from his hostsister 3 days before, so that's pretty awesome! I'm really jealous tho, but i'm happy for him^^ Besides it'll maybe mean that i'll also get to know my family soon! [atleast i hope so, haha] Butyea the meeting wasn't actually special enough to talk about it x'D So i'm going!

Here Zie goes, again!
You didn't see that one coming! x'D